Bad day.

“Had a bad day? Well you survived it … And you are luckier than thousands of people who died because of hunger”.

                              -Burhan Ahmad Geri


This is Kashmir.

Hue and cry everywhere 

I couldn’t understand a thing

I began to run

Until I heard a cry!

She was on her knees 

Her tears touching the ground 

Holding in her arms

Her 12 year-old

Shot by a bullet

He fell down

Those hounds approached her

Even she was not to spare

I asked someone

How could one do so

He replied to me 

This is Kashmir

                             -Burhan Ahmad Geri

No love for this world.

Never will I be so alive again

To cherish every moment of my life

Neither will the world love me again

Nor will I expect it from them

For the time has already passed

When I used to wear smile on my face

Now I just wish for death to knock my door

So it will take me to whom I love

                        -Burhan Ahmad Geri